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The Orthodontist's Choice

Baby feeding products and accessories which promote the healthy development of the jaw and alignment of teeth

Why is the NUK shape the best?

In a new study by the University of Minho, Portugal, scientists investigated the effects of different teat shapes on the development of the teeth, jaw and palate.

NUK Pacifier Best in Test

How the NUK interchangeability concept works

For many years, NUK First Choice has been the first choice for bottle feeding for healthy jaw development and transitioning to independent drinking.

Latex production test


We do our best for you

Your baby is the most important thing in the world to you. That is why, at NUK, we do everything to help your baby develop healthily, right from the start – with products which regularly exceed their high quality standards.

What people are saying about NUK

Nuk is orthodontically the best bottle a mom or dad can buy, the anti-colic air valve makes feeding a dream and spillage minimal, I would recommend this bottle to any expectant or existing mother and father.