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Convenient, Hygienic & Odour-free

Korbell® Nappy Bins... The Most Econonomical Choice for Your Nursery and Home

No Smells in Three Steps

  • Step

    Designed with a hands-free, foot pedal to open and close the bin lid.

  • Drop

    Drop the nappy though the double sealing system with scented bin liners.

  • Done

    The unique three-part approach locks in odoursto keep your nursery fresh.

Why Parents Prefer Korbell® Nappy Disposal Bins

With Korbell’s nappy disposal bin you simply step on the pedal to open the lid and then drop the nappy through the trap door. Your hands never touch the unit! So there’s no need to take both hands off of your baby to insert, or push a dirty nappy into the pail.

What people are saying about KORBELL

Absolutely LOVE the Nappy Bin!!! Third time mom wish I had bought it before with my other 2 kids. Makes life easier with the drop-in, hands free foot pedal. So no mess, no fuss and most importantly no funny smells in the room & it looks visually great.