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Preparing Your Home for Your New Arrival

Korbell bin in a nursery room


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Welcoming a baby into your home is a joyous occasion, and preparing your space is essential for a smooth transition.

Here are key tips to get your home baby-ready.

1. Cozy Nursery Space

Create a soothing nursery by choosing calming colours and comfortable furniture. Set up a well-ventilated room with adequate lighting. Ensure easy access to baby essentials like nappies and wipes for hassle-free late-night changes, and a Korbell bin to keep the room odour-free.

2. Childproofing

Secure your home by childproofing. Address potential hazards such as securing furniture, covering electrical outlets, and installing safety gates. Be proactive in creating a safe environment for your curious little one.

3. Stock Up on Essentials

Prepare for your baby's arrival by stocking up on essentials. Have nappies, wipes, baby clothes, bottles, and formula (if needed) on hand. This ensures a smoother transition during the initial weeks.

4. Comfortable Feeding Spaces:

Whether breastfeeding or formula-feeding, create comfortable spaces for feeding. Invest in a rocking chair or glider for breastfeeding and set up a convenient feeding station for formula feeding.

5. Organise Baby Clothes

Organise baby clothes by size to make them easily accessible. Wash and fold them in advance to ensure they are soft and ready for your baby's delicate skin.

6. Prepare Sibling and Pet Introductions

Involve siblings in the preparation process and introduce pets to baby items. Discuss upcoming changes with older children and establish boundaries for a smooth family transition.

7. Emergency Preparedness 

Ensure your home is ready for emergencies. Install smoke detectors, baby-proof windows, and create a first-aid kit for your baby. Keep important contacts, including your paediatrician and emergency services, easily accessible.


Getting your home baby-ready is an exciting step in your parenting journey. These quick tips will help you create a safe and nurturing environment for your newborn, allowing you to focus on the joys of parenthood. Embrace the changes with love and enthusiasm, and happy nesting!

- ShopBaby Content Team

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