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Milestones – what is your baby doing now?

Mother walking with toddler

By Burgie Ireland RN RM SANC

Babies are amazing. Without opening a book, they know exactly what to do and when. It’s helpful for you to know what their developmental milestones are. Please remember that every baby is different, and where yours may be a bit behind in some, s/he’s ahead in others.

Your baby’s ‘Road to Health Card’ is their first passport. Look after it because its proof of immunisations and developmental records. These are essential when it comes to registering your child for pre- and ‘big’ school one day and may prove useful in adulthood should detailed medical records be necessary.

Your baby’s birth weight doubles between 5 – 6 months, and triples by their first Birthday. The Birthday boy/girl should also be 50% taller. Your baby’s head is also growing, and by the age of 2, the diameter will be bigger than his/her chest measurements. 

6 – 8 weeks: Baby smiles and has different cries for different needs. Follows objects with eyes

3 months: Baby has good head control, discovers arms and feet, smiles at familiar faces, laughs and giggles

4 months: Teething starts

5 months: Baby rolls over. Looks for dropped objects. Imitates expressions. Smiles at self in the mirror. Uses simple imitation words like ‘goo’ and ‘aaaah’

6 months: Enjoys standing with support. Transfers from one hand to the other

7 months: Sits using hands for support. Shy with strangers

8 months: Sits alone

9 months: Begins to crawl. Looks for hidden objects. First words. Separation anxiety when away from family

10 months: Pulls up into standing. Uses fingers and thumb to grasp objects

1 year: Holds on to objects to ‘crab walk’ sideways. Has 8 teeth. Can make themselves understood with simple words like ‘up’.

Babies learn through their senses: touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. Toys should tick all these boxes. 

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