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Dealing with load-shedding

Baby sleeping with NUK Glow-in-the-dark soother

By Burgie Ireland RN RM SANC

You may have prepared for every eventuality when it comes to baby, but have you thought about load-shedding? This inconvenience can strike at any time, so it’s best to be prepared.

Download the load shedding schedule from the electricity department at your local municipality. Then take a trip to your local hardware to scout for torches, heating and cooking devices if you don’t already have these.

This is when breastfeeding is a bonus – ‘on-tap’ milk is always available, at the right temperature and without the fuss of mixing formula. If you’re expressing, you can use a manual hand-pump, battery-powered model or a breast-pump that is powered either by electricity or battery. 

More tips:

  • Update your first-aid kit. Ask your pharmacist if you’re not sure what to stock
  • Keep rechargeable devices charged. Mobile wi-fi is a useful standby.
  • Keep a flask of boiled water
  • Have a supply of batteries, matches, candles and flashlights in an easy-to-reach cupboard
  • Convert to off the grid where possible e.g.  gas and solar power
  • Camping cookers that use cooking gel are safe and easy to use
  • Keep sufficient petrol in your vehicle
  • Have snack-food and fruit on stand-by
  • Babies don’t need to be bathed every day
  • Be aware of fire hazards – don’t leave little children alone with a wax candle. Give them a flashlight instead
  • Make sure electrical appliances are not faulty to prevent fires starting if you’re out when the power comes back on
  • Make sure security alarms and cameras have back-up power. Check this with your security company
  • If you have little children, have a ‘darkness drill’ so that they know what to do
  • Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Tomorrow you may not have power!
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