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Uleen Fourie's take on Owlet

Uleen Fourie's take on Owlet
Written by Uleen Fourie

Getting the incredible monitor duo was honestly one of the best things for us. We moved our baby into his own room rather early as we had complete peace of mind that he was safe. The features of the CAM 2 & Smart Sock 3 are endless (and we love them all), but the oxygen and heart rate feature must be my favourite.

“The fact that we can sleep soundly knowing John is happy has made an unbelievable difference to our lives


We have travelled around the world with our Owlet monitor and sock, as it’s super small and easy to connect to WIFI wherever you are.

A big win for me as a mom, who works full-time is that when I pop out for meetings, I can always check on him, as the app is on your phone and not a separate hand-piece that connects to a signal.

The only alternative we considered was the Kodak, although we knew from the start the owlet sock was a standout. Kodak discontinued their App, which then defeated the purpose and made our decision easy.

The Owlet monitor is definitely worth the investment for any parent.

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